Personal Interview

Let’s assume with God’s mercy, you did not throw out the potentially right candidates in the pre-screening phase – despite a 82% chance. Personal (unstructured) interview Now  you pass onto the personal interviews. Personal interviews are highly subjective and reduce the value of your decision. The brain is a complex machine and we are not… Continue reading Personal Interview

Pre-Screening Phase

Science found that the validity of using normal pre-screening is very low. If you screen people by their CV and sent-in-documents, your chance of being right is 18%. Let me repeat this: eighteen per cent!. This means that in 82 % of the cases, the choice was wrong and you either throw out the right… Continue reading Pre-Screening Phase

Roles in AI

# You If you are launching your first AI project, you should be part of it. Never give key responsibilities out of your hand and since AI will be one of your key pillars in your company, you should be part of it: from the start. You will have to be the “decision maker”, the… Continue reading Roles in AI