AI courses

We are offering three in-house courses for our clients:

Leadership Intense AI (3 hours)

This course is for all executives and leaders who have a busy schedule and want to learn about all important things in AI, so that they are able to follow or lead discussions about this topic. This course is mostly a private 1:1 course where the client learns the necessary skills to be informed.

Course includes:

Introduction into AI, Introduction into Machine Learning and its most famous models, NLP, RPA, Inferential Statistics, AI Project Management, Project Ideas for AI

Leadership AI (10 hours)

This course targets mostly “Head ofs” and expands the above course. It covers all above topics, but dives into more details.

AI Project Manager (40 hours)

This course targets project managers with experience in PMI/PRINCE2 and/or SCRUM, who want to expand their knowledge towards AI project management. In the 40 hours an exemplary project (or a real live project within the client’s company) will be used to learn the specific skills of an AI project manager.

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