AI Project Management

We have deep knowledge in AI project management. Many people think that they can just use SCRUM or Prince2 or PMP or nothing for AI projects, but a rising fail rate of AI projects (recently up to 70%) shows, that AI is special.

We have first hand knowledge of running AI projects for many years and we are using a mix of waterfall and agile project frameworks plus process and process optimization methods within the realm of Lean Six Sigma. Our project managers all have black belts in Lean Six Sigma.

A successful A.I.project, run with Lean Six Sigma, is conducted in five steps. Each phase will end with a distinct set of documents which will be handed down to the next phase. Actual coding or what most people consider “the actual A.I. project” just happens in the fourth phase.

The five steps are:

  • 1. Define
  • 2. Measure
  • 3. Analyse
  • 4. Improve
  • 5. Control

Skipping Step one, two and three will mostly lead to costly re-work and extended project periods. Successful discussions with technical data science outsourcing partners can only start once phase one, two and three have been finished within your company.

We will help you set up, plan and execute your AI projects. We are your one-stop solution for AI projects.

Besides running the project, we also help with vendor selection, technical set up, recruiting, staffing and assessment.

We would love to help you succeed in the world of AI.

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