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There are several roles for AI teams. We have described them in an article “Roles in AI”.

  • Project Manager specialized in AI (most important)
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Applied Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Scientist

We provide any of these roles for a single project or help you recruit them. Our CEO and other senior partners mostly fill the role of the Project Manager AI as seniority and experience in all project and process management framework is essential for a successful project. You can get more background information on AI project management in these articles.


Normal pre-screening has only a validity of 18 % and personal interviews alone range from 5-25 %, while normal structured interviews allow only validity of 30-40%. That means that in best case scenario, the decision whom to hire will be probably wrong in 60 – 70%.

In order to overcome this roadblock, psychology departments around the world have researched supporting measures to increase this number.

As this article is focusing on small and medium companies, I am limiting myself to solutions which can actually be used by small and medium companies for a reasonable price.

Thus our recruitment includes specific scientific assessments. You can also book the assessment without recruitment. We also just support your HR department with the assessment.

The solutions which should be added to your hiring process are part of the psychological diagnostics psychometrical assessments. Here, important variables of the human mind, important for fitting into a company, are researched and metrized. Metrizing means making non-countable things countable. For example the ability to be open for change or the ability to bear a lot of stress. These important variables of the human mind are being tested with scientifically validated tests. These tests differ from normal tests you do at Facebook (“which city am I”, “which character of Sex and the city am I”). Years of research are needed to create these tests, to make sure that they measure what they actually pretend to measure.

Out of these psychometrical assessments, three classes of tests can support your hiring process significantly with a combined validity of up to 80%!

Three classes of tests which let you science hack the hiring process

  • Intelligence
  • Personality
  • Conscientiousness

Research showed that testing the intelligence of your applicants in combination with personality tests and motivational tests help to determine the potential fit of your employee significantly. As research showed it can increase the validity of your hiring process to up to 80%. That is quite a jump from 5%-25% validity by just using personal interviews.

Testing Procedure

All testing is being done digitally:

  • Personality, Conscientiousness and Motivation is tested via digital questionnaires.
  • Intelligence is tested via Proxy testing. This means that a psychologist is observing the candidate via screen sharing and camera while, the candidate is doing the test.


All results are first orally presented to the company by a studied psychologist and then to the candidate. Furthermore a visually appealing and easy-to-understand written report is provided. Examples are shown below.

You will see clearly, how the candidate personality profile will differentiate from the desired profile. This can be a generic profile depending on the job or the average profile of your existing team.

In over 22 different sub-scales you will see, how the candidate’s intelligence is fitting the demands of the role.

The average for each sub-scale is 100 and the dark-blue is showing clearly the margin of error. The red line show’s the candidates result in comparison to a huge test sample.

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