Leadership education

It is a conundrum many leaders face. They have to decide on budgets and artificial intelligence, but they have the feeling that they do not know enough to make a sound decision. And it is not appropriate to ask. It is expected that “they know”.

Do you feel the same?

Goldblum helps discreetly

We are specialized to empower leaders and c-level executives in the realm of artificial intelligence. Our CEO Ansgar Bittermann personally helps leaders to learn more about artificial intelligence. The curriculum is always personalized towards the client as everyone has a different background and faces different challenges in his or her company.

  • Exemplary topics of the leadership education are:
  • Defining AI
  • Foundation of Machine Learning, NLP, RPA (introduction into models, algorithms, examples)
  • Inferential Statistics
  • AI project management (including process optimization and introduction into Lean Six Sigma)
  • AI Readiness (including operational, transformational and foundational readiness)
  • How to create value with AI within the business, for your customers and/or employees
  • What are trends in AI? Which AI problem areas are typical for my industry?

The leadership education is conducted via phone or Zoom during Covid.

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