How to solve AI outsourcing challenges? Part 2

Big Consultancies vs. Agile networks of intermediary consultancies and A.I. outsourcing companies.

In this chapter  we discussed problems which might occur in outsourcing A.I. project and later we looked at the first solution on how that can be solved.

Below again are the three solutions we looked at in the last days:

  • You change your organizational structure to become A.I. ready
  • You choose a more expensive A.I. outsourcing partner which does not only delivers outstanding solutions in A.I. but also covers everything else from process to project management and has deep knowledge in your industry.
  • You hire intermediary consultancies who connect both worlds.

If your company is not A.I. ready yet as yesterday described, one might choose between a big all-inclusive agency like the big international players (BCG, McK, Accenture…) or turn to a more leaner approach combining intermediary consulting firms and their network of smaller A.I. outsourcing companies

2 – One-Stop A.I. partners – Patient – Doctor Model

If money plays no role for you, you should look for outsourcing partners which are foremost big consultancy agencies and which additionally added A.I. departments later on. These are the usual suspects with the usual (higher) price tag. There are several reasons for going into this direction. One of the main reasons for choosing one of the big companies to work with is that this can be closer to a true patient – doctor model. They have a lot of experience with many industries and can scale much easier than any smaller company could do. You can find them on almost every continent and they can easily add consultants from different areas – HR, Finance, Legal, Marketing etc – if needed. Everyone who has worked with the big consultancy firms also knows about the usual problems, which I am however are not going to address here. But overall the gold star service will have an appropriate price tag. And the question is, if you are willing and able to match it.

3 – Using intermediary consultancies together with specialized A.I. outsourcing companies

People who are working in the field of A.I. see that it is changing and developing in a rapid pace. As it is growing and maturing, more and more specialized companies emerge. Just the area of A.I. staffing alone has brought a diverse field of headhunters forward and also A.I. vendor selection itself is a trade now. Many smaller A.I. Service companies thus started to form networks with other A.I. service companies to offer one-stop services for customers. We have seen this successfully in media agencies for years and it gets more and more traction in the A.I. field as well. Intermediary consultancies like Goldblum Consulting are agencies which help the customer to find and evaluate these networks and outsourcing partners and lend their knowledge as “outsourced director A.I.” for the time being. Furthermore companies like us are bridging the existing gaps of skill-sets in your company. Nothing speeds up the transition to an A.I. ready company more than to show to your fellow employees successfully implemented A.I. projects.

We at Goldblum see a very impressive development of specialized technical A.I. outsourcing partners in Eastern Europe and Asia and we want to help you cover your in-house needs (A.I. project management, process management, leadership education etc.) in order to make use of these A.I. outsourcing partners for a much lower price tag but with the same or even higher quality. So intermediary consultancies let you experience a doctor-doctor model while still being at the stage of the patient-doctor level.

The time for A.I. is now.

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