How to solve AI outsourcing challenges? Part 3

In this chapter we looked at general problems which can arise when outsourcing A.I. projects. It became apparent that one needs to know a lot more about artificial intelligence projects when outsourcing successful A.I. project while at the same time mostly people want to outsource because they do not have that knowledge.

A conundrum we later on divided into a “patient – doctor “and a “doctor-doctor” model. In a patient-doctor model, you do not need any skills in order to get help. The doctor will ask the right questions, will do the right tests and prescribe the right treatment without any skillful engagement of the patient.  However, in a doctor-doctor model, you need many skills as the outsourcing partner is only consulted as a medical specialists who aids.

The conclusion of this analogy was that you have to analyse your own strengths and skills in your company first in a solid vendor selection. The outsourcing partner has to match your skills. For that you have to self-analyse first and know if and how you are owning the process surrounding the process element of data science. Many mistakes, delays and reworks stem from the fact that companies do not look at, analyse or control the surrounding process elements.

Once you have self-analysed your skillset, you are normally given three paths to follow:

You change your organizational structure to become A.I. ready

You choose a more expensive A.I. outsourcing partner which does not only delivers outstanding solutions in A.I. but also covers everything else from process to project management and has deep knowledge in your industry.

You hire intermediary consultancies who connect both worlds.

On the one hand you can turn your company into a true A.I. ready company touching all elements of the company to comply to the special needs of artificial intelligence. Most importantly the top management needs to be educated to be able to understand, envision and execute the necessary changes in the company. This solution will lead you be able to use a plethora of outsourcing companies and talents in a classical body-lending scenario. It will give you the full control over the process, ensure knowledge management and target a lower price tag.

On the other hand, you can turn to the big consultancy firms with the big price tag. They will assist you in every level of your project, but it is not always certain, if they are also delivering the best result in artificial intelligence, because they are more general department stores then specialized companies. This solution would be the purest form of the the patient-doctor model for companies which are not A.I. ready.

At last I presented the possibility to use specialized intermediary consultancy like Goldblum to cover the elements in your company which are not A.I. ready and to assist your company to choose and hire the best specialized outsourcing companies in mostly Eastern Europe and Asia. This allows you a lower price tag with a higher quality while being assisted to grow into an A.I. company yourself.

In the next chapter we will start looking at winning A.I. project management frameworks and how to implement them in your company to plan, control and successfully run A.I. products in your company.

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