AI Readiness

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Your first AI Project

How to select the your first AI project?

This chapter should give you a clear guidance on how to start your first project. Rule #1: The project should be short and successful (max...

Ideas for first AI project

Selected AI Problem Types

In order to give you a better start for your AI brainstorming session, let us look at eight problem types which can be solved...

AI Project Management

Recruitment and Assessment

Science Hacks – Goldblum’s Assessment Center

As we saw in the previous articles of this mini-series, common methods of hiring staff are not sufficient. Pre-screening had a validity of only...

Personal Interview

Let’s assume with God’s mercy, you did not throw out the potentially right candidates in the pre-screening phase – despite a 82% chance. Personal (unstructured)...

Pre-Screening Phase

Science found that the validity of using normal pre-screening is very low. If you screen people by their CV and sent-in-documents, your chance of...

Common hiring process produces 85% disengaged employees

You are doing a great job, got your project funded or your business roaring and now you need new employees. Well done! Future is already...

Roles in AI

# You If you are launching your first AI project, you should be part of it. Never give key responsibilities out of your hand and...

Successful AI Outsourcing

AI Ethics & Trustworthy AI

Comparison of Frameworks